Bronze Age Antipodes

Look at me look at me! I inspired someone.

Lamnay over at deviantart has made a map based on my Antipodes scenario. He brought some new ideas to the table. Some good ones.

“What if travel between locations on the opposite sides of the earth was simple? How would civilizations have developed when it was easier to get to Chile from Beijing than it is to get to Hong Kong?

Probably not great for the Andeans.

I’ve got a lot of text for this, and intend to add a key. But I want to sit on the text for a little while so any mistakes are more obvious, and so I can trim it a bit better.

I also need to come up with betters names for the rival Chinese dynasties,  Proto-Turko-Mongols and the Indo-Aryan Vedic Empire and the Southern Barbarians.

The prevailing thought on where you go when you jump into a antipodal tunnel (like a big, magic well) is that you don’t go to the other side of a spherical planet, but to another plane of existence, often referred to a heaven.

Post-Olmec States (Very, very loose confederacy somewhere between the EU and HRE)

Maya (Also a loose Confederacy, but centralizing fast)


Tyre (Brief unification of Phoenician colonies, likely to collapse when the king who united them dies)

Argos Empire (Mycenae successor)

Greek Baronies


Egypt (Weak and divided, Libyans and Kushites influencing politics, getting read for a takeover)

Kush (A very powerful state, only made stronger from controlling Tahiti.

Troy (Exploited the power vacuum when the Hittites fell)

Israel (Miraculously united)

Kaska (Took over the Hittites)



Aleppo (Hittite rump state)

Assyrian Empire


Indo-Aryan Vedic Empire

Indo-Aryan Vedic Vassals

Proto-Turko-Mongol Homeland

Ji Dynasty (Earthly/Old World China)

Xi Dynasty (Heavenly/New World China)

Nanman (Southern “Chinese” civilization)

Olmecs (Java and Sumatra)

Arctic and Antarctic Marine Mammal Hunters”

What do you think? Plausible? And what happens next?

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