75 Alternate History with Matt Mitrovich

Alternate History Weekly Update

This week I’m talking to Matt Mitrovich, founder of The Alternate History Weekly Update about, what else, alternate history, the little brother of genre fiction.

So what if…

The South wins the Civil War

The Nazis win WWII

JFK isn’t assassinated.

Point of Divergence

It’s alien and the same at the same time

The maps!

Maps that tell stories.

The World’s Other Side

Harry TurtledoveS.M. Stirling, and Eric Flint

George R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkein

A fantasy world that looks awfully like Byzantine Rome…

Alien Space Bats

…or Space Lizards

Green Antarctica and the Great White South

For Want of a Nail and When Angels Wept

It’s weird and at the same time I love it

Geeze, this is just an alternate history week, isn’t it?


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