Captain Lagrange and the Update of Doom

IN A WORLD WHERE the only thing scarce is a good idea, the laws of economics are more important than the laws of physics, and copy-write is king…
Enter Strange LaGrange, captain of the Anakata, most feared of all the Intellectual Piracy ships of the Matrioshka Brain. Swooping down on unsuspecting yachts, Lagrange and his crew of radical engineers and feral AIs “destructively map” the component parts of their prey. Their ruthlessness matched only by their good taste, these artistic bootleggers copy useful or beautiful structures and beam their precious design specs to the Dark Cornucopia.
This is what happened when simon-roy​ said he wanted to do an illustrated story with me about a post-Singularity society. We ended up going with another story, but I do like the idea of space-pirates in the Pirate Bay sense of the word.
Some day, Captain Lagrange. Some day.
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