71 Multiculturalism with Steve Bein


Daughter of the Sword

Daughter of the Sword! Yes, I know that’s the first book of Steve Bein’s Fated Blades series and this is the second podcast I did with him. The second one is Year of the Demon and it’s now available in paperback.


Can you make the police officer male instead of female, white instead of Japanese?

Telling stories about ancient Japanese swords in LA doesn’t do anything.

Japanese culture, it’s not just wacky game shows, sexism, and electronics

Flash-bang grenades!

Year of the Demon

Taxing Woman (aka Marusa no Onna)

Jake Adelstein’s Tokyo Vice

We tend to want to put other countries into the boxes that exist in our own culture



I didn’t understand what I love about my country or what I hate about my country until I left.

If nothing else, multiculturalism gets you really good food.




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