70 Buddhist Philosophy with Steve Bein

Welcome back to the Kingdoms of Evil podcast!

Year of the Demon

This week I’m talking to Steve Bein, philosopher, martial artist, adventurer, and author of the Fated Blades series. Of which the second book, Year of the Demon, is newly available in paperback. We eventually do talk about that, but first:


Luc Reid

The Codex Hive-Mind, company to be miserable with

Writers of the Future

Tex Thompson

Diana Rowland (who used to be a cop)

Erin Cashire (who used to be a nurse)

Year of the Demon

Codex is not safe from the FBI!

I’m thinking of sci-fi stories whenever I’m under the water

Pop-culture Buddhism

Who needs a military when you can send cartoons to other countries?

My alien invasion story

Japanese quality control

Don’t walk around in my head in your dirty shoes

Dharma Transmission

Bulgarian Muslims: converts and settlers

Yet another Catholic sex scandal

The wonderful new Pope

Without change, your philosophy will die, but if you change your philosophy, isn’t that killing it?

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