Preternatural California

Whenever Anglos think of mythology, seems to me, they think of European mythology.

Pick up a book and go to a movie theater and what do you see? Vampires, werewolves, angels. Well,  this isn’t Transylvania or the Black Forest or the Holy Land. Stockton, California is nobody’s holy land, not any more.

We’ve got werewolves in our theaters, but where are our monsters? The Hoo-soo’-pe water maidensWiwe, the Body of Stone? The killer owls

I’ll tell you where they are. They’re in the Delta, undercutting the dykes. He’s in the basement of the Caeser Chavez library. And the fucking owls are camped out more or less permanently in the live oak across the street from the crappy housing development where I live.

Yes, these things kill people. And I’m the only one who has clue one how to stop them. I’m the last sucking shaman. Yeah, shut up, that’s what we’re called.


Whoo! This is a good one. Maybe some synergy here with the Unseen Colonized. What do you think?


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