68 Clashing Cultures with Tex Thompson

Bulgarian electrical socket, American plug



One more  time with Arianne “Tex” Thompson, author of One Night in Sixes, available for purchase right now!

American dialect

North Korea’s France-by-way-of-Russia uniforms

Inferior Christmas Lights

We think it’s better because that’s how we’ve always done it

Bulgarian light switches (superior) electrical sockets (inferior! Inferior I tell you!)

You’ve lost the luxury of discernment

No, nothing, I just really like the above quote. Take a look at that again.

Japan, exporting its culture like a beast

Successfully exporting your culture is finding people who are willing to pay for it

I said something dumb about the Anglosphere being a “strong attractor,” but what I should have said was the rich get richer

More people speak English as a foreign than as a native language

A YA novel about Bulgarian teenagers by my buddy Emil Minchev

Globalization is increasingly not Americanization

The bad guys in Red Dawn switch from our good friends in China to the vile (and economically irrelevant) North Korea

The illegal panda violence in World of Warcraft (wasn’t really illegal. Sorry, Tex)

It’s getting to be weird for there to be a movie that’s totally white people

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