67 Tradition and Modernity with Tex Thompson





Today I’m talking again with Arianne “Tex” Thompson, author of One Night in Sixes, available for purchase right now!

We talk about the story’s characters. And gender-bending.

It’s not just about changing their gender, it’s about changing their lived experience.

 New Frontiers and its sexcapades.

It’s when you’re doing something that scares the hell out of you, that’s the sign you’re doing something worthwhile.

Tex says “pants” Look everyone! She said pants!

The World’s Other Side (Gondwana)

Jennie Goloboy

A guy who rides a triceratops

The world runs on culture magic

War through cultural assimilation

Orhan Pamuk 

My project about the Ottoman empire

Local tradition versus global best practice

Bulgarian sky-scrapers and Emirati sky-scrapers, which is more “Western”? Which is more technically advanced?

The superbus!

Bulgarian is the superior language!


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