66 Creating Cultures with Tex Thompson



Today I’m talking with Arianne “Tex” Thompson, author of One Night in Sixes! Consume it, minions!

We talk about creating the many (many!) distinct cultures that grace Tex’s new book, including among them Cowboys, Indians, and Fishmen.

Everyone who’s anyone has taken a walk on the amphibious side.

… let’s try that again

It’s Call of Cthulhu meets Howdy Doody


Tolkien, Wheel of Time, Sword of Shannara, and all this stuff

I started with colonialism

Tolkien and C.S.Lewis and all these great folks

We’ve had Europe around for thousands of years!

What if people told European history like they told Native American history?

They used every part of the duck?

It’s vague what Gondwana is or where the Gondwanans come from.

Noughts & Crosses

1491 and 1493

It’s sad to see people equate “being advanced” with “being European”

One Night in Sixes: it’s more than just adobe and cow skulls.

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