62 Manga Translation with Phuong Pham

Phuong is back again, talking about her job as an editor for Digital Manga. Which is by the way kickstarting a Captain Ken English translation that you should STILL HAVE TIME TO FUND! Also…

The Digital Manga Guild, which employs scan leaders

Scan leaders and scanlations

They’re fishing for that Japanese essence


Takasugi’s obento

Gobo (sometimes known by the awful, unappetizing name burdock)

You want readers to be able to connect to the characters easily through fluid language.

Pacific Rim’s Japanese translation

As someone who always advocates rougher translation….

I try to get a feel for the sound of the characters

Princess Mononoke

Why is anime so awesome?

The best alternate history, science-fiction story I have ever read.


Oh my God, it’s that guy! Who’s that guy?

Captain Ken

The reason Tezuka chose such cute characters is to highlight how terrible war is to children 

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