63 Fantasy and Historical Fantasy with E.C. Ambrose


With me this week is E.C. Ambrose, author of Elisha Barber and, out this week, Elisha Magus, the first two books of a historical fantasy series about a barber-surgeon in 13th century England. We talk about the question “how much fantasy is too much in historical fantasy?” And also…

Hugh le Dispenser

Edward II and his row with daddy.

Witchcraft and politics: two things he’d always hoped to avoid.

My historical fantasy

the Temeraire books

Tim Powers’s Secret histories

Playing with historical perspectives on magic is a lot of fun for me.

The Winter King

Cloud of Sparrows

Shades of Milk and Honey

Writing Excuses

You want it to be clear that magic has an influence, but without breaking completely from reality.

The Novels of the Company (It was the cyborgs the whole time!)

People are excited by the potential for mystery that’s still out there in the world.


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