59 Pitching with Dan Koboldt



My buddy Dan Koboldt  has a lot to say about pitching books to literary agents and publishers, especially pitching contests for super-short-form venues like twitter. Right now, it’s #PitchPerfect. How timely!

So in this episode we talk about pitching contests.

It’s an alternate channel to catch the interest of an agent by pitching your book.


Normal query letters

The “hook” or “elevator pitch”

Dan’s three pitches for The Rogue Retrieval:

A Vegas performer brings high-tech magic illusions into a medieval world that has the real thing.

A man who spent his life studying a pristine medieval world goes rogue when he uncovers his company’s plans to invade it.

When a company loses someone in a hidden medieval world, they recruit a Vegas show magician to make him reappear.

Character, goal, what’s stopping them, and what’s at stake


You can see which pitches those agents favorited and see their taste and also what great pitches are

Stealing Paris by Diana Urban

I have this book I’m representing that’s about this

Pitch Madness by Brenda Drake

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