58 Narrative Technology with Turbofanatic



Yes it’s the illustrious  Turbofanatic with us once again! The author of Aphelion and Deltavengers  is talking with me about some of the themes of Wheel in the Sky (our collaborative project alongside Michael Silva ). That theme, of course, is Narrative Technology, or how we use technology to turn our lives into a fairy-tale.

Magic Mirror by Orson Scott Card

Clarke’s Third Law

Ramez Naam (not “Raam” as I say in the podcast—sorry), author of Nexus, and his article on the Singularity (which is further than it appears)

Technology isn’t converging on a god, it’s converging on a genie

Iphones are like girlfriends

Jared Diamond’s “Invention is the mother of necessity

Damn dirty apes!

New Frontiers

Perhaps I’m the only real person 

Scooby-Doo and the Problem of Consciousness

Screaming robots!


Thomas Nagel’s What is it like to be a bat? (thanks to Katy Bensen for recommending that essay)

And Fullmetal Alchemist! Why NOT talk about Fullmetal Alchemist? More Goddamn Alchemy!

Um. Spoilers for the first series.



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