56 Writing Conventions with Jennie Goloboy


I’ve talked with Jennie before, but this time the subject of our conversation is why she goes to writing conventions (specifically the Dallace-Fort-Worth Con) and how you can expect to approach her when you attend.

We also talk about…

Red Sofa Literary

Laura Zats and the YA books she represents

Dan Koboldt and the corporate portal fantasy he wrote (also stay tuned for his appearance of this podcast)

Jeff Stanley (or if Lovecraft wrote sci-fi) and he’s going to be on the podcast too.

Foz Meadows and her life-changing portal fantasy

The Online Writing Workshop

Portal fantasies

Do I stay in this fantasy world where ponies poop rainbows, or do I go back to the real world where ponies poop what ponies poop?

For example, let’s take my book!

Your first book is the story that grabs you so hard that you have to write it, but we don’t know what we’re doing and we screw it up.

Carrie Patel‘s first book, the Buried Life, out this summer. (and it was her first book, I asked her)

Tex Thompson‘s first book, One Night in Sixes, also out this summer. (stay tuned for her appearance on the podcast, too)

My Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen, in which the plot tension is “how deep does the main character get into the alien society?”

And when someone demands I write the sequel to Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen: Power of the Triceratops Lobby.

The DFWcon, which is possibly Jennie’s favorite con.

Lots of good people to talk to here.

Billy Bob’s Texas

Dallas Fort Worth writing workshop: you should join up. They’re awesome.

“How to kill off your characters in a historically accurate manner.”

At conventions, I’d love to hear about things that will be ready soon.

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