53 Writing Sequels with Carrie Patel

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I’m talking with Carrie Patel about her book, the Buried Life, out in July and August from Angry robot books. We also talk about writing sequels and…

Sneaky Victorian slavers

Strange Horizons’s list of Things We See Too Much of

Character wakes up at the beginning of the book

Recolleta in Buenos Aires

How many stories come to their authors Atmosphere->setting->characters->plot, and how many the opposite?

Bare branches

Mars Colonization! 

Do we want to make better iphones or better Mars rovers?

I put my first story online in order to stop myself from working on it

My second story started with a conversation with my wife

Okay, I got this far. Now how much further can I get?

What’s one thing this character thinks they would never do?

I’m a big fan of difficult choices.


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