52 Self-publishing with Jamie Wyman

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I’m talking this week with Jamie Wyman, author of Wild Card and the sequel Unveiled, whose publication she is currently funding through a Kickstarter campaign. Since one of those books was e-published by Entangled and the other is self-published, Jamie is in an excellent position to compare the two processes. Plus…

Editor Danielle Poiesz

Create Space and extended distribution

I much prefer the writer aspect of writing

A video of Jamie eating fire (which you can’t see unless you back her project)

Beta-readers, critique partners, and professional editors

Editors are supposed to be your manuscript’s voice

Wild Card is technomancers and trickster gods playing poker






George Lucas and his CG toys

Our lasers are different 

Jamie put some of her world building online. Go read it.

I put my world building online and nobody read it. Ha ha.

The fantasy book Pose

I’m not going to read a book about a witch with a tramp-stamp.

John Picacio‘s cover art for The Creative Fire

You’re a little bit freer to make your own identity


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