51 Science and anti-science with Turbofanatic

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I’m back with Turbofanatic (of Wheel in the SkyAphelion and Deltavengers fame).

He should not have meddled with God’s Creation!

(once again) Coats‘s rule of storytelling #19: Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.

Aphelion again (seriously, read this damn comic)

I wanted the hive minds to be the good guys

Star Trek’s technobabble (they wrote “TECH,” by the way, not “SCIENCE”)

Sarah Talks to the coffee

Steven Pinker, my hero, and “the purity bias,” which is Dan-speak for the way our insular cortices process disgust,  and make us feel as if things or ideas have been contaminated with evil in the same way a water supply might be contaminated by fecal matter. Look it up.

Assuming things have agency

Every rock and tree and creature has a voice, has a spirit, has a na~ame

What Lovecraft was getting at

Cthulhu does not care about us

Was it Armageddon or was it Deep Impact

Yeah, Bruce Willis! You’re an alpha male. You can solve our problems by blowing them up!

Apollo 13 and the direct abort

It’s called the Lunar Module. It’s for lunaring.

Driver sensing technology



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