60 Manga on Kickstarter with Phuong Pham



This week I’m talking to Phuong Pham, an editor at Digital Manga, Inc and Project Director for the English translation of Captain Ken. We’re talking about Kickstarter, specifically the campaign her company is doing (and which you should visit and fund right now!)

We also discuss yaoi, hentai, and then …

Swallowing the Earth


Triton of the Sea, Unico, and Atomcat

Make sure you have all the numbers figured out

Osamu Tezuka, author of Astroboy and the God of Manga

The Astroboy movie?


Can two species co-exist with each other?

He would devote several pages to one moment in time. 

Takarazuka (and kabuki and noh)

Ocean’s 11

Princess Night

Kimba the White Lion

Westerns based on samurai movies and did the reverse ever happen?

Godzilla, King of Monsters!

Power Rangers

The more anime I watched, the more those cultural traits started to stick.

How the English dubbing of Furi Kuri said “niisan” although come to think of it, I think it was actually “sempai

You might remember my friend Emil

Itadakimasu and ohayou

Azumanga Daio

Nande ya nen (I said “Nande yo ne” in the podcast because I don’t speak the heathen drawl of western Japan. Not because I made a mistake. No no.)


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