Sexy Sophonts interview

Scifi Ideas just posted an interview (with illustrations!) about New Frontiers.

New Frontiers is a science fiction novel I recently finished and it does something I haven’t seen before, which explore how aliens can be irrational.

Irrationality (meaning a tendency for a person to do things not in line with their goals) is a big part of human life, and a lot of it comes from our instincts, and a lot of those instincts come from sex. We don’t make the same sort of decisions about sex that we do about tax reform, and its reasonable to assume that aliens won’t either.

But how exactly might aliens be irrational? It depends on what kind of sex they have, of course.

I designed the five species of New Frontiers from the reproductive system up, with nods to some of the odder sex lives of real-life organisms…

Check out the complete interview

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