Banjolnir pitch

So this is the pitch letter for the “Banjolnir” idea Daniel sent me before our podcast. I think it deserves it’s own page, don’t you?

I see the optimal form of this story as a 96 page graphic novella.

It came from a silly online conversation about the Avengers movie that drifted and then began referencing the movie Deliverence. I made this silly photoshop and then was overcome by a story idea. Rural american gothic horror crossed with Jack Kirby’s strange bastardization of Norse mythology.

Here is a rough summary of the idea assembled from my notes. I will also try to get some of my sketchbook page doodle scanned and share for reference.

The Hook: Some poor bastard is running in a panic through the woods at night, clutching his torn trousers around his waist. Behind him a cypress tree is split clean in half by a lightning bolt. He looks back over his shoulder as The one eyed god king swings his sparking infinity-banjo. “I’m ahgunna fuck the shit out of you” cries the syphilitic immortal in his strange runic dialect.

The panicked man is one of a a group of weary explorers wander into the woods of wherever and discover the magic castle of a secret race of self professed supreme beings. Slowly are horrified that they are not so much sublime gods as they are interdimensional hillbillies that are happy to discover something new to fuck and then eat.

Banjoliner(working title)


Marvel’s Thor
Twiglight Zone: To Serve Man
At the Mountains of Madness
These God Hillbillies are Immortal natives of an reality up the multiuniverse “tree” where the life is abundant and free of corruption. They were a small group of criminal seditionists, made outcast by their heavenly civilization. Imprisoned in a section of earth geography (Appalachia) that phases in and out of different realities down tree. Some are very similar to ours, most are far worse (desolation of life, inhospitable climates, populated by monsters, disease, rivers of fire, mouth bees, etc) They have had a rough go of it the last millennia, and they haven’t been in a universe as tenable as ours for a very long while.

The Elders: Ancient Ruthless Patriarchs and Wizened Matrons, Bitter, Cruel, Absurdly Arrogant despite how shit they were where they are from. They are commendable for having held out against all odds, but are to they core corrupt and ammoral.

The Young’ns: Are either inbreeds (dumb as shit pots, slightly deformed, spoiled and hyperactive, rapey) or half-breed “demigods” from other realities captured natives (Hooves etc. Abused, Sullen, really Angry).

Our Heroes: Lost hunters? Scientific explorers? They stumble across their territory as it phases into our relatively comfy world. The God tribe see them as a way out of they appalachian prison and so they are initially hospitable and play up that they are a pantheon of gods, until the toothless idiot son of the patriarch ruins the charade with his unsavory behavior. Can the humans escape their captures alive and unbesmirched?

Find out on the podcast!

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