49 Limiting world-building with Daniel Heard


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I’m talking again with illustrator Daniel Heard about how to stop your world-building from getting out-of-control.

An excellent example of that problem! New Frontiers

Mata Hari

La Malinche (she was Nahua, not Mayan, sorry)

It’s not necessarily bad to make an encyclopedia for your made-up world

Kirby Marvel superheroes

My conversation with Simon Roy about text versus comics

Sex with a rain of gold

You could separately google the Enlightenment and Apollo, versus the Romantic movement, Dionysus, and Lovecraft. Or you could just look at this thing.

The universe is incomprehensibly awful


Throw Momma from the Train

Charles Stross’s Laundry books

The book about alien prostitutes

My current project

Oh my God, what if I’ve forgotten how to write?

Sidelines, by my hero, Lois McMaster Bujold

Writer’s block is a sign that you’ve made a mistake in your previous chapter.

What if this character was the bad-guy?

Just start writing. It may take you somewhere completely different.


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