Singularity and King 5

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Turbo: I’ve started to touch upon a world full of technology so advanced it’s impossible for the natives to fully understand it. There are speaking swords made for ancient armies that have since gone feral and latch onto people in a parasitic relationship, a radiation-resistant steampunk society built around nuclear steam turbines, malfunctioning ancient super computers (apologies to Jack Vance here), that sort of thing.

Dan: I like the idea of feral technology. Which it would quickly become if it has any ability to self-perpetuate.

Turbo: Haha, the idea was that these magic swords would eventually turn the users’ bones into more magic swords, and before that they’d be running around trying to find the rare metals needed to reproduce. If you see a Conan-esque warrior barbarian, run!

Dan: Of course! That’s why those wandering swordsmen are wandering! They’re in the final stage of infection: clashing their sword against other weapons for gene-transfer, collecting treasure and artifacts as raw materials for the new sword they’re gestating, and accumulating followers who will take up the old sword and the new when gestation is complete.

And here we have our first chunk of manuscript text!


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