45 Outlining with Simon Roy

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“What about the Tiger-men, hippies? You didn’t plan on them did you?”

 Simon Roy and Matt Sheean‘s Mars project is ongoing…but I can’t tell you anything about that. Hush hush!

New Frontiers (now finished and available for beta readers! Volunteer in the comments)

Making a list of cool things is a good way to outline a story

Brandon Graham’s shared-world coolness: 8HOUSE

The Man-Kzin wars

“My powers of smell tell me that food has been poisoned!”

The extremely tiresome Humans are Superior trope

“We should hope that humans don’t have a superpower because that would be an excellent reason to enslave us.”

1493 and slavery

Simon’s space-barbarian knife looks like this in case you were wondering


Protect against the Tigermen! Because they will come, brothers, they will come!


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