The King and the Post-Singularity 2


Michael: Maybe controlling certain places gives them direct access. That would help make feudalism or feudal-corporatism viable.

Dan: I like that a lot. Then politics becomes a board game, where you have to capture the “loci of power” (actually old maintenance hatches). Of course the maintenance interface is in the language of the habitats’ designers, so would-be magicians have to learn “the old language” in order to use them. That would make your aristocracy make sense without making magic itself hereditary, which has been done before.

Michael: Yes! And that sort of education (or different levels of it) is reserved for the nobility and individuals who won’t rock the boat. Everybody else is limited by the fact that agriculture is stalled just before the Industrial Revolution and they’re no longer computer literate. A revolt has been tried before and when it was put down a Secret Police/Inquisition was put in place to watch the upper classes because they would be the natural leaders for a revolution, a la France 1789.

Michael: Which would parallel nicely with the Albigensian Crusade, the Reformation, the Thirty Years War and the French Wars of Religion.
For Important Question Number 2, How to Fix the World and Why Bother:If it happened it would have to come from the middle and low nobility. Emperors and kings would rather keep the status quo as always. As to the how, I’m trying not to pull a Quest to the Mines of Techno-Moria. Maybe there’s security block in place and there’s no hope of that unless an upstart woos a lesser noble into a palace coup?

Dan: I think your theme will suggest the way you want to solve the problem, which in turn will suggest the technical nature of the problem. For example, you could say that in order to turn off the technology-suppressor, you have to control the majority of the loci of power. That would require the hero to build an empire. Or perhaps in order to rebuild damaged technology, you need an industrial base, in which case the hero has to bring the empire down, install a republic, and educate the population.


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