44 Contained vrs. resolved stories with Simon Roy

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It’s Simon Roy again, telling us about his new project with Ed Brisson, the Field, out now!

The Field is a story shrouded in mystery, but I do have it from a reliable authority that it also has bikers

Layouts (or “visual script” if you’re me)

Also Star Trek in Hell

Take a premise that you like and are comfortable with and try and make it not that.

Stories that are contained but not overly resolved

The Nausicaa manga (do I mention this is EVERY podcast I do?)

Simon Roy vows to “replace” Hayao Miyazaki

And then we just sort of start talking about cannibalism. Like you do.

Magical cannibalism FTW!

The One

The Chrestomanci Universe 

Marvin Harris’s Cannibals and Kings

Jared Diamond on cannibalism

Before the Dawn by Nicholas Wade

Kuru (the cannibal prion disease)


“Human…cannibalism…adaptation” types Simon into Google


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