42 Visual versus textual story-telling with Cory Trego-Erdner

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I’m back with Cory Trego-Erdner and his concept art for an epic fantasy project based on Japanese and Pacific-Northwest mythology. We talk about what medium of storytelling one should choose as well as…

Game of Thrones the books (thoughts) versus the show (dialogue)

Girl Genius the comic versus the books

Visual symbols in Watchmen

Simon Roy

Steve LeCouiliard (sorry if I mispronounced your name, Steve!)

Biting off a smaller part of a bigger story

Focus on a single problem that the main character has and how he either solves the problem or learns to live with it

The Kingdoms of Evil which had a…highly developed world. And how I wrote this thing for four years.

The World’s Other Side (which has a coherent story!)

We see a lot of epic fantasies that just go on forever

What’s the solution? Which one should you choose? If you answer that question, then you can come up with a satisfying conclusion.

Also, thrill as Cory valiantly resists my attempt to make him change his ending. So that’s a good lesson.

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