New Frontiers is ready!

So, as I have been subtly hinting over the past year, I have been writing a novel called New Frontiers. It’s a scifi/humor murder mystery about sex, aliens, sex with aliens, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness.

And it is now done.

Well it isn’t done. It isn’t in stores, but it is ready to be seen by humans other than my wife.

Do you want to be one of those humans?

If you’re interested in beta-reading new Frontiers, send me an email or a note with your email address. I am interested in any criticism from “I don’t like that character what’s-his-face” to “you missed a comma there.” And you can deliver that criticism any time from now to this time next year.

Come on, give New Frontiers a try. If you give me criticism, I’ll draw you a picture of the alien of your choice. Yeah.

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  • Herr Benson–I just read about New Frontiers over on Sci-Fi Ideas, and I’d love to take part in the “public beta.” 🙂 I’ve been a long, LONG-time sci-fi reader (I got started when I was six and discovered the wonder that is Dune), plus I have a BA and MA in English, specializing in the work of H. P. Lovecraft. And I’ve been a freelance proofreader/graphic-designer for about twenty years, so…I’ll be sure to go through it with a finely-toothed molecular comb. I’m a huge fan of biological/sociological fiction that explores alternate modes of thinking based on different species’ evolutionary histories and environmental niche, and I’ve got maybe five or six novels of my own in the works right now, several of which involve realllllllly weird aliens, too–one of which sounds a lot like the beezles.

    So, hey, if you want to send me a beta of the New Frontiers document, hit me up here: At any rate, I love the idea (particularly the idea of a bubble of restructured space-time in which FTL travel has been made possible), and I can’t wait to check it out in whatever form it appears!

    • dan

      Wow, that is a GOOD beta-reader resume. And that is an excellent specialization. Daniel Heard and I have been having a conversation about Lovecraft. Do you think Lovecraft was an anti-enlightenment thinker saying that it’s dangerous to learn about how the universe works? Or was I just making a fool of myself? 🙂 And have you read Stross’s Laundry books?
      How weird are your aliens? Have you written them up on Scifi Ideas? I’m not surprised your aliens look like beezles, since my beezles look like Brin’s Jophur. 🙂 If any of your stuff is ready for beta-readers I’d be happy to reciprocate for your help with New Frontiers, by the way.
      The email is on its way!

    • bensendaniel

      Okay I am SURE I replied to this. You did get my email, right, or am I going insane?

      Anyway, in case I have gone insane, your resume is better than mine and I wrote the damn novel. I’d also love to be your friend and learn all you know, so let’s do that. Hint hint: Daniel Heard responded to one of my podcasts and now he’s the star of his own!

      You should have the manuscript right now (tell me if you don’t) and I very much look forward to hearing your opinions on New Frontiers.

      • I’ve got it, and, though I’ve been Busy As Hell for the past several weeks, I’ve finally gotten time to get started on it! So far, I’m really digging the…uhhh, orifice-digging! I’ll hit you up with an annotated Word .docx in a few days, once I get everything read and my notes straightened out!

        • No problem. I just found out I hadn’t understood how to respond to comments with Disqus and I wanted to make sure you knew I was alive.
          I can’t wait to see your feedback on New Frontiers 🙂