New Frontiers is ready!

So, as I have been subtly hinting over the past year, I have been writing a novel called New Frontiers. It’s a scifi/humor murder mystery about sex, aliens, sex with aliens, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness.

And it is now done.

Well it isn’t done. It isn’t in stores, but it is ready to be seen by humans other than my wife.

Do you want to be one of those humans?

If you’re interested in beta-reading new Frontiers, send me an email or a note with your email address. I am interested in any criticism from “I don’t like that character what’s-his-face” to “you missed a comma there.” And you can deliver that criticism any time from now to this time next year.

Come on, give New Frontiers a try. If you give me criticism, I’ll draw you a picture of the alien of your choice. Yeah.

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