38 Collaborative projects with Steve LeCouiliard

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I’m talking again with artist, cartoonist, and writer Steve LeCouiliard, creator of Una the Blade. We continue our smarty-pants talk about such things as:


Steve’s multi-artist collaborative project in the Una-verse. (yes, I am going to keep calling it that)

The Novels of the Company

Simon Roy

Katie Shanahan

Songs of a Dying Earth

Rose City Comicon

Kurk Busiek (Astro City)

Greg Rucka (Whiteout)

Leia Weathington (Bold Riley)

Jonathon Dalton

Sam Alden

“You make rules in fiction specifically so you can break them.”

Glen Cook

“By Golly I’m gonna make the most awesome Africa-Inspired Sorcerer Culture that I can.”



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