33 Group Projects with Simon Roy and David Gaffney



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In celebration of the publication of my Martian Sherlock Holmes short story “Lords of the World“, this is a re-release of a conversation I had back in 2013 with Simon Roy and David Gaffney about Pilgrim, a story about the Holy Land during the Crusades where all gods are real.

Also group projects, and why this is the time for adventure fiction to come back into the mainstream.

 Jan’s Atomic Heart


The cool shop in Victoria, BC, LEGEND

Clint Eastwood westerns 

All myths are true and “How can I use this to tell a fun, crazy story?”

Drawing your characters makes you think they’re real people, which gives you the momentum to tell their story.

Martian Law and the design of its characters…Now available for PURCHASE as THE LORDS OF THE WORLD!

The Cretan bull!

“Don’t go down a rabbit hole with back-story”

Ben Poulsen’s computer game project


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