31 The player vrs. the character with Ben Poulsen



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I’m talking again with game-designer, artist, and fellow ESL-teacher Ben Poulsen about:

Gordon Freeman and Bella Swan

You want the game experience not to happen to the character, but to happen to the player.”

Egoraptor’s treatise on Megaman


And now you have to listen to me talk about my  work! Bwa ha ha!

An update on Tyrannosaur Queen

Worldcon (no details, but I think it went well 🙂

New Frontiers (no 70 percent or more done!)

Martian Law aka “The Lords of the World” (you can read it here!)

Sherlock Holmes and the Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency

Yes, a story in the same universe was the prototype for The World’s Other Side

Joe Abercrombie’s First Law books and their delightfully reprehensible characters

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld badguys and their goals

Tony Stark in Iron Man

The difference between books with a single point-of-view character versus multiple

Winston Rowantree‘s very cool graphic comparison of video games to other storytelling mediums.

“make decisions that them”? Let’s hope none of my students listen to this.



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