Story Germs 6

After our Skype Conversation and the mystery Skype conversation that no one will ever hear, all was quiet until AUGUST 12th, when Simon came back from his vacation and said:


Here’s some of the layouts, and the rough outline so far. The title idea is “Protector” for a few reasons. First, to honor the big ideas sci-fi of stuff like Protector by Larry Niven, and second, since the story concerns the interactions between various beings who consider themselves ‘protectors’. All the names, etc, are fillers for now!


World: Earth, 3200 AD, Eastern North America. For nearly 300 years, earth has been under the care of the ‘Devas’, vast metallic beings of unknown origin who have been building vast environmental megastructures (diverting rivers, building ‘cloud towers’ that suck up and disperse water, etc). They largely ignore mankind, but will send messengers – robotic heralds – to warn humans before beginning an operation that might effect a population center. The Hudsoni, roughly iron-age level technologically, are the current dominant culture of the Hudson sea, descendants of holarctic asiatic warrior cultures, and while the Devas have been quietly reshaping the earth, the Hudsoni have been pushing south, conquering and expanding to the shores of the Great Lakes.



First Knife: The war-chief of the Hudsoni, brother of the Hudsoni Matriarch. Very brave, Loyal and honor-driven, but with a pragmatic streak.

Girl Commander/The Bride of Hesukristos: Former temple virgin sold into slavery, now unbalanced revolutionary leader with working laser. Ruthless and cruel.

Hesukristos: Former NATO Cyborg Commando, now unwitting reincarnation of an ancient blood god. Preaches ‘freedom’ for humanity from what he perceives as the oppression of the Devas, but instead is mainly motivated by a desperate need to gain some sort of control over his own reality – being asleep for 1500 years can fuck you up.

ME: Golden

Devas and First Knife are right on. Go Cincinatl! Gosherds for the win!

For the Girl Commander, how about Monia (from La Monja, the nun, or bride of Hesukristo). Other possibilities are “the Handmaiden” or “La Soltera” or some derivation.

I see a potential problem in the names of the Hudsoni (and is it Hudsoni or Hudonites?) and the Hesukristians in that they both begin in H. In text, that would be a no-no. In a comic, it might not make a difference, but a way to fix it would be to drop the H and make them Esukristians.

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