Story Germs 5

The ongoing saga of turning Simon Roy’s Archaeology idea into a fully-fledged story.

No more worldbuilding! Back to characters and story.

June 14th Chat

Simon: I have a slightly better solution to one of the story problems of that concept too. When it comes to the ordinary humans communicating to the giant biome-repairing super-robot gods, we have a sorcerer who is actually a millennia-old fella who has stayed alive thanks to a nanotech immune system, which also helps him eavesdrop on the robots.
HOWEVER the nanotech is starting to have replicating errors and failures so the sorceror is slowly, slowly dying looks all blotchy as the nanotech builds the wrong kind of skin, etc as it repairs him and he needs to build weird radio antennae out of the iron-age equipment and garbage of the forgotten technological age to communicate with the robots since the nanotech ain’t workin like it used to.
Daniel Bensen: what problem does that solve?
Simon Roy: oh just how the iron-age level native humans would relate to the robots repairing the biome. It just gives them a connection that makes more sense
Daniel Bensen : I guess it sounds like a cool character. But a little too much like the revived  cyborg. man out of time. High tech. Ruthless…
Simon Roy :That’s true – but I’m thinking of him not as a ruthless character with weird appetites but a really tired, weak old dude who just wants to see things turn out
and happens to be the last surviving connection to the tech of the old world
not super powerful or magical either – his only magic would be talking to the robots
or maybe infecting people and animals with his nano-blood and controlling them
but that might be too much
Daniel Bensen: the only way to find out is the write the story 🙂
Simon Roy: yeah I’m starting to do some thumbnails now. tis the time to jump in and stop ruminating
Daniel Bensen: can I see the scripts?
Simon Roy: oh there will be no scripts just messy notes and rough pages visual scripts if you will I’m goin deep comic bro
Daniel Bensen: I need to ask you about your process
Simon Roy:usually it starts with a semi-detailed list of events where i try to see how many pages each event should take up
then something like this occurs, if I’m the guy writing it
Daniel Bensen: it’s funny because I always write dialogue first
Simon Roy: see i don’t actually ‘write’ enough to have a reliable process
when im doing dialogue i’ll usually write it on a page or text file, then integrate it into the layouts when I’m doing those
OR, with the scene mostly in my mind, try and hammer it out during the layout process
but most of the stuff I’ve been doing lately (in terms of layouts/writing) has been prophet stuff, where I kind of ignore the dialogue side and focus on the visual storytelling
then brandon goes over that and drops on the dialogue

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