Rough Draft

For those of you who were wondering, this is what the earliest version the rough draft/outline for my next chapter of New Frontiers looks like. It’s based on random snippets of action or dialogue held together by my previous outline, re-arranged based on what I think needs to happen next and what occurred to me while I was walking around and around the park. Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 9


so are we really in danger from radiation poisoning i ask.

not really plamen translates for pwhapm. even unregulated replication error should be easy enough to fix if you just download your…oh. i suppose you cant. well celular automata…but you don t hv ae a baseline on record do you.

ripples pass down thesclerites from head to tailtip. how good are you with brain transplants?

my heart is sinking hopefully not yet from tissue damage.

it will be fine sighs jorge. i helped bubba breed the software personalities we used to run our body modification machines. if the oonkhs can provide us with the hardware i can synthesize antiradiation drugs.

which means we have to go.

go where pwhapm extends his head to peer around the deserted street. we re in themiddle of the trackless wilderness. even your wheeled tools are gone.

we don t need a car. i point. see that office building? that s where the oonkh s live.

are you ure? i ve never navigated by sight before.

jorge plamen and i share a look.

trust me bwana i say. we go thataway.


i could die out here in the bush

it s not that uncivilized

he was talking about the whole planet


describe city

Reading is a ridiculous pass-time.



Zehra is all over Jorge, which means Jorge must know something

you call us warlike. that is because the only people who have survived are the ones who kill outsiders


SEDUCE JORGE in sewer bunker

having sex with another man is nothing like having sex with an alien.

i mean how could it be. i could i have been so stupid as to think it could be.

obviously jorge is human. he looks and smells and feels a hell of a lot more like something to have sex with than any elephant squid or coral christmas tree. what s happening isn’t the clinical by the book inducement of pleasure i learned in kink training. it s the exact opposite body overrides the mind.

and i get really. really angry.

now this is fun

jorge s palm closes over my fist the twenty microfingers pressing like pencil tips against my skin. come on. he pulls me irrisitably to his narrow sleek chest. fight me.

do you know how my ansestors used to find wives? we killed their husbands and kidnapped them. count yourself fortunate i do not think you are a threat to me.

seeing jorge naked isn’t much of a shock. it isn’t as if he walks around in three piece suits after all.

but i do notice him more than usual as he flows across the room muscles pulling and pushing under his skin. his physiche isn’t weightlifter or even swimmer. it s more like stretched gymnast.

or spider.

i shudder.

at least he didn’t make any modifications to his junk.

that i can see anyway.

he only wears




When someone puts up a do not cross sign, you tend not to cross it, even if its printed on tissue paper.



Help us. It isn’t in our remit to help the sibjects of our studies. Then don’t you want to interview some people? It’ll be just…super informative. They’re called Amzonenses—

I’m sorry, Harry. It’s too dangerous.

Look, we’ve enjoyed our time together. Maybe we could work something out. Are you familiar with the term adoption?

How about adoption for Plamen? And Zehra?

Of course, the more the …

the technology liaison strokes her husband pet who trails off into silence. “ I’m sorry, we don’t feel comfortable sharing our craft with so many strange sentients. You’re one thing, Harry, we know you.

In the biblical sense,” grins Jorge.

But these other human creatures, fine as I’m sure they are, cannot accompany us all the way back to the frontier town.

But Liaison—

My word on this is final.

Damn, I bonded with the wrong oonkh. Or Zehra bonded with the wrong species


the crisis is over

the crisis…the war…has already begun

unfortunate fact of your astropolitical situation, unfortunate for all of us, is that your species is so weak.

If you were strong, we could persue a policy of mutual deterance, promising to obliterate each other if we being armed conflict. Unfortunately, you possess no weapon that could possibly be considered a threat to us, and the reverse is far from true. We could smash you in a heartbeat in a fair fight. Which creates an incentive for you to make the fight unfair by attacking us first. However, knowing as we do that this incentive exists for you, we would be wise to launch a preemptive strike against you, and so on. The stable equilibrium here is a war that would drive the human species extinct. And indeed such has been the rule for most of the low-tech species encountered by the Light Cone. We all work, and must work constantly, to prevent the seeds of war from taking root until such time as your species has reached technological parity with the Light Cone.

We want to avoid a hobbsian trap here

so help us.

we would like to but you re just one uncontacted species among dozens. we don t have the budget to bail you out.



Crystal ball


We’re getting a ride with some missionaries

Moores: Hello, Harry.

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