Death to Martians 10/10

“Why don’t you just kill me? I mean,” William says, “you should just kill me. Because if you don’t then I’ll kill you!”

“No you won’t,” says Selma. “You will give us the information we need to take down…” she glances at the Martian pulsing at the foot of the bed and her lips quirk, “destroy the monsters who threaten our way of life.”


Selma’s eyes dart back to William’s and her ironic smile vanishes. “I mean the monsters who would brainwash a boy into killing himself in order to make a political point. You, William, will tell us exactly how you were recruited, and where, and when, and how. “

“And then,” says the moon-man, Singh, “while we work to make life better down here, we’ll send you to live a better life up there.” He points at the ceiling, or something beyond the ceiling.

“The asteroid mines?” He asks, as if to test this impossible promise, to show it is nothing but new slavery.

“Selenia Dome. Where if you apply yourself, you will learn a skill that might turn you into a net gain for the human race.”

And,” says Selma, “you’ll make enough money to send help to your family.”

William jerks away from her. “Liar! You’re Martian-loving traitors. You’ll kill me, or I’ll kill you.”

The Martian makes a tentacle whip-crack.

Singh clears his throat. “My friend Mu-rau asks, ‘what if there were a third option?’”

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