Martian Law: Background

Early picture of a Martian

What if the War of the Worlds had actually happened? What would the world look like now, more than a century after the Martian invasion? What would Mars look like?

We’ll be going into this question in more detail in the podcast on the 15th. Until then, here’s some speculation:

Some political maps of Mars.


  • Martian space travel develops in the 1800s as part of an effort to bring more valuable water and oxygen to the planet’s surface for industrial purposes (in the same way some people want to mine the moon for helium 3). The earth invasion is a small side-project in this larger enterprise.
  • 1877—channels observed on Mars
  • 1894—launch of First Martian Invasion (10 ships) (see war of the worlds)
    • A private venture composed of Martians from only one nation. (not included in the second invasion)
  • 1924—Second Martian invasion
    • The next time they come, they do not try to live here, but enslave us to mine resources.
  • A consortium of seven Martian nations sets up orbital platforms and a base on the moon, from which they bombard the earth with rocks.
  • Different Martian powers carve Earth into administrative regions
  • 1950s—Martian Colonization
    • Sterile habitations are erected for the Martians, and steps are taken to develop drugs that will protect them from Earth’s bacteria.
  • Resource exploitation
  • Slave trade
  • 1950s—Humans are taken as slaves to work on the Moon, then the orbital stations around Earth, then the trawlers between Mars and Earth, then Mars orbit/moons, then Mars itself.
    • On the moon and in space, humans must be educated  to survive and not endanger others.  They must be highly skilled.
    • Clandestine communications via radio among space humans
  • Human population falls as food growth/distribution systems are disrupted
  • Martians appoint governing bodies
  • 1960s—Organized space human rebellions.  Several ships lost or diverted.  Slaves freed.  Lunar habitat outgassed, another survives but the Martians inside are killed.  This becomes the famous Other Moon Base.
  • Vicious crackdown on slaves in Martian-controlled habitats and ships.  Other Moon Base retaken.  Rebels are killed or scatter.
    • Human reprisals, more deaths, lost ships. Pirate attacks by ex-revolutionaries.
  • Martians Co-opt bureaucracy of pre-existing human governments to act as go-betweens
  • 1980s—Martian/human intermediates evolve into the de facto governments of the human-lead states.
  • Humans removed from Martian orbit and moons.  This is impossible in Earth space, as too many humans work there, but strict segregation laws and security are enforced. The Intolerable Decade.
  • 1940s-1990s Martian Cold War
    • Several wars conducted between Martian states by human proxies on Earth
  • 1991—Planned human uprising prevented by out gassing an entire space habitat.  Living chambers in other places outgassed.  Rumors of New Other Moon Base.
    • Protest-suicides by humans.  Other systems are sabotaged by kamikaze humans.  Ever worse attacks by pirates.
  • 1991-93—Second Martian crackdown.
    • Second crackdown halted by Martian-lead coup on the Moon.  Governments on Mars expelled from lunar affairs.  Lunar Republic founded.
  • Exploration of outer solar system brings in water from asteroids and comets
  • 1993—Water mining of Earth ceases
    • Martian colonial interest in Earth decreases
  • 1994—Coup on Earth orbit stations and on most of the Earth/Mars transport ships.  Republic of Independent Vessels founded.
  • Human-led independence and self-governance movements
  • 1995—Mars/Space war.  Attempts by Mars to retake lost ships and habitats.  RIV and LR claim victory with the aid of human Spacewalkers.
    • Humans granted suffrage in RIV and LR.
  • 1999—Martian colonial power mostly pulls out
  • 2000-2010s—Many dictatorships, theocracies, and kleptocracies
  • 2010—RIV and LR are recognized by governments on Earth and on Mars, and serve as a model for human/Martian cooperation.
    • Tension is caused by the actions of the Moon-men, terrorist descendants of the old revolutionaries in the fabled New Other Moon Base.

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Tune in next week for more exciting developments in Martian Law!

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