15 Writing workshop with Kalin Nenov (1/3)

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This podcast was recorded at a workshop I did with Kalin Nenov of the Human Library on the mechanics and conventions of writing genre fiction. We talk about:

the difference between fiction and nonfiction, books and movies, close and omniscient 3rd person narration

Why close 3rd person is good

What good writing has:

Emotional impact (“the hook,” fun, interesting, etc)


Theme (or “deepness”)

Good style, following the cardinal rules of:

“Show don’t tell”

“Omit needless words”

Why you shouldn’t use:

hedge words:somewhat, really, pretty, rather, a bit

filler words: I mean, like, so, um, well, actually, you know


Sense words like “see, hear, smell” etc.

book-isms: shouted, yell, asked, exclaimed, (just use “say”)

Check back next week for the rest of the list, or go here to see it in text on the page of my esteemed colleague and writer, Melissa Walshe.

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