A TV show I want to see

Picture if you will the Popham colony, third English colony in North America, presided over by a Mr. Raleigh Gilbert. Who in 1608 learns of the death of his older brother John and his inheritance of Compton Castle in Devon, and then leaves. Fortunately the colonists have built the Virginia, first ship built by Europeans in North America, and they can pilot the ship away from this horrible, cold continent. Now imagine the nearby Abenaki Indians, who have been watching the ship’s construction, decide they might have use for the invaders’ technology.

Thus began the voyages of the Pinnace Sagadahoc. Her mission: to explore the strange Old World, to seek out allies and partners in arms. To fearlessly tread lands no Abenaki has seen.

EPISODE 5: Guile at Gbagle

Voiceover: War chief’s scroll. Moon: Corn Maker. We have arrived at the Slave port of Gbagle on the Gulf of Guinea, hoping to learn more of the Iron Triangle and its working. In the landing party are myself, the Catholic Vasquez, witchdoctor Wskaniia, and Red Moccasin.
War chief:  Whites are coming. Bows out.
Vasquez: I suggest mercy, chief. Let us remember Christ and forgive them their trespasses.
Wskaniia: Damnit, chief, this is no time for Christian forgiveness!
Red Moccasin: Argh! I’m hit!
War chief: Get behind cover!
Wskaniia: Damn bloodthirsty Europeans!
Vasquez: Highly unchristian of them.
War chief: Fire arrows on my mark.
Red Moccasin: Hurrrrg.

What will happen next to War Chief and his intrepid crew? Tune in next time to Atlantic Voyages!



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