10 The future of war with C.M. Kosemen

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Once again I’m talking with artist and researcher C. M. “Memo” Kosemen on the subject of war and the future…and many other things including:

Drone warfare (also Robot Wars)

Mexican drug cartels

False Flag Operations

Kurdish insurgency in eastern Turkey

Globalization: those who run it, those who want it, those who don’t, and those who don’t get the choice.

A Bulgarian book that’s wildly popular! (link not available)

Jamaica’s success promulgating Jamaican culture internationally

Yogurt! (Invented by Bulgarians! No it was Turks! No it was Mongols!) And don’t get me started on feta.

The wild popularity of Turkish soap operas in (cough) former Ottoman vassals. (also, seriously watch Magnificent Century. It has beards like you would not believe)

Once again, see more of C.M.K at his youtube channel and deviantart page.


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