7 Collaboration with Kalin Nenov

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You can form partnerships with other creative people (hi Kalin!) and they will involve their fans in your mutual project.

Pay it forward. Do favors and help those in need, not necessarily because you expect them to pay you back, but to create the kind of atmosphere in which everyone helps everyone else. Kalin mentions http://scifi.bg/ as his good partner.

Make yourself so useful to your partner that their own self-interest will motivate them to cooperate with you

However, be careful offering unsolicited help, since doing so might make the recipient feel like they need help, which might make them angry.

Media partners will really only help you if you’re already somebody, so if you’re just starting out, don’t look to established news outlets for help.

You can, however, leverage fame from communities  that already recognize you as important, using them to convince other people that you are worth paying attention to. I mention the speculative evolution forum. Also, the Speculative Dinosaur Project!

Also why large forums can sometimes be mean 🙁

Your platform is your fan-base, of which the bigger the better. Figure out who they are, perhaps at conventions. Shout out to Simon Roy and his bearded, manly fans!

So remember, no man is an island. Writing might be “the most fun you can have by yourself,” but successful writers are successful because they have friends and partners who help them get their message out.



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