Writing Workshop in Sofia!

The Human Library and Sofia Life Services present an English Writing Workshop

Do you want to write stories in English?

Come to our writing workshop on Sunday, April 7th and learn writing rules and tips from SF and fantasy writer Daniel M. Bensen. We will talk about small ways to improve writing (avoid adverbs and the verb “to be”) as well as big ways (make a scene do more than one thing, give your characters goals they can’t achieve). We will then read a sample of your work and discuss how to improve it.

WHERE: 45 Gurko St. (press the buzzer for Mezhduchasie)
WHEN: Sunday the 7th of April 3:00pm
WHAT to bring: A sample of your work (250 words in English) and something to write with
COST: free!

CONTACT: Daniel M. Bensen, bensen.daniel@gmail.com, 088-686-4855 BEFORE  Saturday the 6th of April

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Място, на което книгите сбират човеци

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