Newsletter 2


 It’s been a week of consolidation and organization.

I did house-keeping stuff like prioritizing my marketing plans (webpage stuff is at the top of the list and coming soon). I put the finishing touches on my book proposal (such as adding little pictures of the covers of the books I am comparing Tyrannosaur Queen to), and now I’m going to let it sit for a while before coming back to it.

I’m close to finishing revisions of chapter 2 of Tyrannosaur Queen, and about halfway through writing the first draft of chapter 4 of New Frontiers. I’m getting a lot of great feedback from Tyrannosaur beta-readers, and I’m feeling good, especially about the beginning, which has been read and re-read so many times it’s polished to diamond brilliance. New Frontiers is of course rougher. It’s chapter four and I’m still a chapter away from killing the murder victim in this supposed murder mystery. Also the main character isn’t awesome enough. Working on that.

On Twitter, Cory Doctorow retweeted a comment about dubstep, which was cool. And I heard about and started reading Used Aliens, which so far is pretty funny and educational. I did not know that about bass fishing.

I also had a very interesting conversation with Simon Roy of Robot Dreams and C.M. Kosemen of Irregular Books. No hints yet about what we talked about except one: H.G. Wells. Yeah.

In other news the emminent DValdron on althistory asked for help with his Thule timeline (empire-building Inuit, yeah!) and I have yet to think of any ideas. Contact with the Sakhalin Ainu? Give me a hand here.

Stay tuned for more this week: a gallery, a place to put a podcast at least.



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