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It’s been a busy week since I signed an agenting contract with Jennie Goloboy of Red Sofa Literary.

I made a Twitter profile, and have been busily following people involved in paleontology and sci-fi. Easy! I’ve also been trying to come up with interesting things to say every day in 140 characters. Not so easy. But I’ve already made contact with a bunch of cool people such as John Conway ‏ @nyctopterus , Darren Naish ‏ @TetZooKacy Nielsen ‏ @kacywrites , andTex Thompson ‏ @tex_maam. See my profile for more. Funnily enough, most of my tweets don’t get any attention on Twitter, but they do generate some great responses from Facebook friends. Go figure.

On the advice of my old school buddy Melissa Walshe (whose idea this newsletter was too), I started a Pinterest account. Not much activity over there since I still don’t understand the whole pin…thing. I’m sure it’ll come to me.

A lot of work this week went into my book proposal, which you can see parts of here and here. The part you can’t see yet is the a synopsis of the book. No spoilers. Weird thing, though, apparently you’re supposed to write synopses in the style of the book itself. Tell your friends. Then comes a review of similar literature. Thanks to everyone who told me what books Tyrannosaur Queen reminds them of.  Some of those books I hadn’t heard of, but now they’re on my reading list. After that will be a plan on how I intend to market Tyrannosaur Queen, and in order to make that, I needed to brainstorm a huge list of possibilities. Now I’m prioritizing that list and starting to actually put some of those plans into practice.

The first thing that needs to change is my webpage, The old look worked well as a vehicle for the serialization of my first manuscript, but now I need to make it a vehicle for me and my other works. Expect to see a lot of change in the next few weeks, including a lot of material from my other webpages (deviant art and my language blog principally) and my hard drive (short stories) and new content (it’s a surprise).

Well I’ll give you a hint. Thursday was spent having interesting conversations with interesting people and recording those conversations. Can’t spell “to spec rad” without “podcaster” (thanks internet anagram engine!). Plus that awesome zoomancy thing on Devart with everyone commenting and adding ideas and making the creative stew richer? Expect more of that.

In terms of the actual book, the most recent revision of Tyrannosaur Queen has progressed up to chapter two, adding in some of the suggestions from Jenny and my valorous beta-readers. The illustration at the top of this page is dedicated to one of those noble individiuals, Chris Kobertine. Thanks Chris! Everyone else, your dinosaur picture will come.

Finally I actually found some time to write my new story (mostly early in the morning, late at night, or between classes at Starbucks). New Frontiers is now about 34% done (at least I’ve written 34,000 words out of an estimated 100,000), with chapter 3 a hairsbreadth from completion. Introducing the beezles.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates and content.

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