Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen

Blood flies when a high-tech modern soldier meets a stone-age barbarian. Most of it belongs to other people

US Army Sergeant Andrea Ferrero expects a boring few weeks on a cross-time jaunt, watching scientists catalog dinosaurs in what will one day be Montana’s famous Hell Creek Formation. When the expedition stumbles onto a lost deep-time colony, however, Andrea’s job turns deadly.

Kidnapped by stone-age nomads, Andrea finds herself stripped of her technological advantages and forced to prove her worth in a war against the implacable armies of the Slaver Empire. Worse, the Slavers have captured her time machine and the mission’s one surviving scientist, and are using his futuristic weapons to their own ends. Andrea’s only hope for survival and return home is her kidnapper, the tribal war-leader Trals Scarback. Ferociously intelligent and violently insane, this barbarian fights Slavers from atop triceratops-back, armed with his sky-metal sword, his blowgun, and his trained velociraptor. When he falls in love with Andrea, things get weird.

Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen is a time-travel novel of romance and adventure about the meaning of leadership and the use and misuse of power. Also it has powersuits fighting with dinosaurs and a bronze-age triceratops cavalry.


I am very happy to announce that Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen has found representation in Jennie Goloboy of Red Sofa Literary. This is not publication, but Jennie is enthusiastic about the story and she’s going to do her best to get publishers interested at the WorldCon Science Fiction convention in Texas in August.

That means I have about 5 months to polish the manuscript (shaving off 17,000 words) and amass such an enormous following of fans that publishers will sit up and take notice. So for that reason, expect to see lots of Tyrannosaur-related stuff coming out of me in the next months, which you can follow here and:

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So thank all you guys for your ideas and help and encouragement.
Things are getting very interesting now.

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