The End is Nigh

So, Kingdoms of Evil is almost over.

I can’t be precise, but I think we have until about the end of September before the story is finished.

And then what comes next?

I want to return to Freetrick’s world and give something back to those who have stuck with me so far. I want to write a sequel, and I want you to be its alpha-readers.

I think I can write fast enough to send out  one page a week at least, and possibly as many as three. We’ll see. The material would be very new and raw, without having gone through the two re-writes and multiple beta-reads that KoE has benefitted from. The upside is that over the last two years  I’ve written a second book and most of a third, so I’ve learned lessons that will benefit a KoE sequel. The other good news is that, as alpha-readers, you will have some input as to where the story goes (although probably more like “everyone says he ought to do this, so I’m going to make him do that instead”).

So here’s my deal. You guys have a little less than two months to convince me that there’s enough interest to justify a Kingdoms of Evil sequel.

Go on amazon, smashwords, or good reads and buy the Kingdoms of Evil. It only costs a dollar. Then send me a message  at bensen dot daniel at gmail dot com, to tell me you bought the book. If I get more than fifty of these emails, I’ll start writing the sequel. Then, everyone who sent me an email will get at least one page a week of the sequel as I write it, delivered to their inbox.

What do you think? Do we have a deal?


Update (8/13):  we are 8% of the way to our goal 🙂 We need 46 more people to make this thing happen. Tell you friends.

Upate (9/2): 12%

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