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Fellow Tetrapod alpha is done!

Fellow Tetrapod alpha draft is done! This was a funny one. After a few false starts, I successfully wrote the first draft by sitting down every day, writing what I was inspired to write, and stringing the resulting scenes into … Continue reading

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Well, Boom

I just had the honor of participating in the NASA/Caltec Exoplanet Demographics conference, where I wrote a short story inspired by Will Misener’s presentation: “To Cool is to Keep: Residual H/He Atmospheres of Super-Earths and sub-Neptunes.”  The name of the … Continue reading

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October Newsletter: Prickly Pear Juice

So there I was, having another panic attack in the car. Yeah, it’s been a while since I wrote about something hard. Here we go! For context: 2 sets of PCR tests, quarantine, stomach bug, let’s all drive to Greece! … Continue reading

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