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Interchange Gamma is done!

INTERCHANGE Gamma Begun at 10:50am January 2nd 2020 in my home in Hadji Dimitar, Sofia. First line: “Bamboo-grass crunched and the mist curled away, revealing the bear.” Finished at 11:10am March 30th 2020. Last line: “The Nightbow spun above them, … Continue reading

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My podcast interview

Robin Shantz at Bloginhood just released the interview he made of me, Reviewer Carien Ubink, author Dr. Tiffani Angus, and aspiring writer and Glasgow Worldcon bid volunteer Robin Duncan. I talk about life in Bulgaria, Junction, and Wealthgiver.

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February Newsletter: Insomnia

 This newsletter is not actually late because of the coronavirus. Our minister of health called for all schools in the country to be closed because of an epidemic of normal flu. Then I had some potentially good news about The … Continue reading

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The Wildness of Logic

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