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Birds Land on Branches

Birds land on branches Clumps of snow fall to make room Shut up, internet

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A Moment to Think

A moment to think Snow crosses the window panes Sirens approaching

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Violet Evergarden

By my serifs and ligatures! I am really enjoying Violet Evergarden. Maybe it’s because it has a lovely constructed script (sort of Latin/Cyrillic/Georgian with distinct serif, sans-serif, cursive, and printed handwritten forms! USED PERHAPS TO WRITE A REAL CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGE?!?!?!111/?). Maybe … Continue reading

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Ensuring Collective Prosperity

Here’s the answer to the linguistic puzzle I posted on Friday. I showed you what a passage on 22nd-century political theory sounded like, and perhaps the most common way it might be spelled. To help you along, here’s the maximally conservative … Continue reading

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Securing Emergent Thrive-ity

I was thinking about the political system of the “Present day” (2145) in The Centuries Unlimited, and also about the ways I have the English language evolving in the next ~140 years (fast+weird). The result is the following: Far’s via … Continue reading

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“The Algonquin Alphabet”

Nothing, just reading The Years of Rice and Salt. The book mentions a poster written in the three international languages of “Chinese, Arabic, and Algonquin.” And I was like “what the hell does written Algonquin look like?” In real life, … Continue reading

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Five Star Reviews: Story Genius

A few days ago I got an email from a friend who was having trouble with a story. He has an interesting world and characters and exciting things happening all the way up to an epic climax…which he can’t resolve. … Continue reading

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EccentricCowboy’s questions about agents

I’ve talked with EccentricCowboy (aka Austen Confer) about questions about self-publishing and traditional publishing. The final part of our conversation was about agents and finding a writing scene. EC: …I doubt I could do something like, say, be contracted to write X number … Continue reading

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EccentricCowboy’s questions about publishers

Last week I answered EccentricCowboy (aka Austen Confer)’s questions about self-publishing. Today, we’re on to traditional publishing, and the (at least, potential) benefits thereof. EC: If I may ask, what are some of the pros and cons of having a publisher? … Continue reading

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EccentricCowboy’s questions about self-publishing

A little while ago I got this message from EccentricCowboy (aka Austen Confer) on Deviantart. Austen writes weird westerns, and he wants to know about self- versus traditional publishing. EC: Hello there! Jumping kind of out of the blue here but … Continue reading

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