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The Hurrian states on the Nile

  “Iishe toon-eetasshuiilefa, shiiwe-nashusshuan por–nashusshuan hhoo’-nashusshuan oomm-eetasshuan. Iishe toon–eetasshuwan’iilefa, oomiin–nashusshe forh’–nashunn’ am–eetauan.” /i:ʃe to:ne:taʃ:əi:lefa ʃi:wenaʃəʃ:əan pornaʃəʃ:əan ħo:ʔnaʃəʃ:əan o:m:e:taʃ:əan i:ʃe to:ne:taʃ:əwanʔi:lefa o:mi:nnaʃəʃ:e foʁʔnaʃən:ʔ ame:taəan/ (I-abs learn-will-you-if, water-pl-erg-your-and corn-pl-erg-your-and house-pl-erg-your-and enjoy-will-you-and. I-abs learn-will-you-not-if, land-pl-erg-your dust-pl-erg-as burn-will-I-and.) “If you heed me, you will enjoy waters … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Eremite

“They cry out for their Garlander: The Princess. She hopes to ably aid their need. She knows she must with heavy heart depart what she has always known, moreover fleeing through the Wood through which her people fled, rescue her … Continue reading

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I have watched the Trolls movie so many times, you guys… Help me Uh, I mean, ahem! <in universe voice> Trollish (Silampampsun Gi’impsun, Gi’impsun, Impish, or Turxulsun (archaic) ) is the language of the Troll People of the Melean Mountain Range. In its standard dialect, centered … Continue reading

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Non-Pulomic English

exxos-von-steamboldt: English needs more non-pulmonic consonants. Me: Challenge accepted! Let’s start with ejectives. I’ve noticed people hypercorrecting intervocalic voicing and devoicing all voiced stops (dim> /tɪm/ and spider > /spaɪtɚ/ ) how then to disambiguate voiceless stops (and prevent the fusion … Continue reading

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Ding ding!

And I’m back from vacation with black circles under my eyes and the Trolls sound track in my head. But I did manage have a conversation with my wife! We talked about Wallstreet. “We call Europe and Asia ‘conservative markets,’” she … Continue reading

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