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Timeline 9

I’m watching a lot of DS9 right now and reading alternate history and I can’t help but imagine a drama centered around: Flightless vampire bats from a timeline where South America never connected to North America, the Fair Ones built … Continue reading

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Terrestrial Vertebrates

  The Convention of Sapient Species, the second largest known multi-timeline legal union, encompasses over a hundred sapient species from nearly as many parallel Earths. A few of those species are related to humans, their timelines having diverged within the … Continue reading

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Five Star Reviews: The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred

Another book that comforted me during Chemo Christmas in the Balkan Tower of Matriarchy, this one has really stayed with me. The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred, is a novella by Greg Egan, and like all of his work, boils down … Continue reading

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(Four) Star Reviews: We Are Legion

I have some quibbles with this book, but I read the whole thing in like a day, so I must have really liked it. Yeah I did. I liked it. We Are Legion is very much like The Martian. It’s … Continue reading

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Mancy schmancy

Cool characters trying to do interesting things Much use of prognostucation which is determined by random number generator and is always right. But only yes no questions. Will I defeat the emperor? Yes-let’s get to it! No-well shit.

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Five Star Reviews: Babylon’s Ashes

Hold onto your hats because there’ll be a bunch of these. Being on chemotherapy in the Balkan Tower of Matriarchy at Christmas means there is a lot of time for me to hide, reading in my bed, but not much time … Continue reading

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The Biomes of Junction

  An overview of the alien biomes traversed by the Houlihan-Matsumori Expedition From top left to bottom right: The Glasslands (no Nun name) Silicates dissolved in mild sulfuric acid, warmed by geothermal heat. Think living fishbowls–giant diatoms. The Wormwood (Sokok … Continue reading

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Junction Fan Art!

Junction is still lurching and moaning through its latest round of revisions, but something good’s coming out of the process aside from my sweet caffeine-flavored tears: FAN ART!   The first is a Lizard-bug by artist and cover-designer Viergacht. Love the … Continue reading

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Japanese Junction

(scroll down for the English translation) (吉田の携帯が鳴る) 吉田:もしもし? 誰 – ? お、かしこまりました! もちろん。 (松森に携帯を上げる)竹田さんです。 松森:はい? 竹田:君はね、英語話せるよね? 松森:必要ほどできます。 あの、ご存知じないかもしれませんが、撮影の途中でございますし。 竹田:締め切ろ! 荷造りして出発の準備しよ。 松森:出発ですか? 吉田:え? (携帯をつかむ)どうも、松森くん。 (松森は、吉田が携帯をつかんだことに苛立つ。キャリアが低下していることと吉田が尊敬しないことを心配する。) 松森:何が起こっている? どうしたの? 吉田:(松森を追い払う)残念ですけど不可能でございます。 お金はもう。。。キャンセルされた?(顔が赤く変わる)でわ、お帰りになるとおっしゃるんですか。 竹田:(くすくす笑う)まったく帰るつもりはないよ。 松森:どういう意味? (携帯をつかむ)竹田さんは別の場所で撮影させようしますか? この撮影は最後にすると通知いらっしゃいました。 私は健康ではないですし。 そして、東京で、あの、重要な会議がありますし。 竹田:松森くんの奥さんの弁護士たちは待てる。ヘリコプターのほうは待たせないぞ。 松森:(怒りを見せる)いったいなんでヘリコプター? (ドアが叩かれる。背景で声が聞こえる。竹田は他の人と話している。) 竹田:(上司に話す)はい。 そうでございます。 そういたします。 … Continue reading

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