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Planet Zarmina

“At first glance, Zarmina looked like it was already inhabited, with crystal glittering on the light side and illuminated highways on the dark. Huge flat shapes swung through the planet’s atmosphere like cargo planes. The fields marched with coordinated waves … Continue reading

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The Fleet of the Great Hajj

First and Previous 大朝觐船队 “Holy Brilliance,” said Admiral Feng Aosiman ben Ali, “it is only my devotion to God, who calls suicide a sin, and to His Emperor Under Heaven that I do not kill myself in atonement for my incompetence.” “So,” … Continue reading

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My Writing Process

So there’s this pyramid-scheme writing thing going around called  the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. The way it works is you get tagged by somebody, you answer four questions (see below) and you pass on the infection to three more people. I … Continue reading

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55 Atmosphere with Carrie Patel

  I’m talking again with Carrie Patel about her book, the Buried Life, out in July and August from Angry robot books. We talk about atmosphere And also… Carrie’s job at Obsidian Entertainment working on Pillars of Eternity Working with a group “The way you describe a scene…all … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 8

First Previous The blade moved. With a flex of his iron spine, Voidcleaver hurled himself away from Saria’s chest, sliced through her concealing mantle and writhed into Candegar’s grip. His fingers closed around the hilt and found their familiar grooves. A … Continue reading

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God’s Empire Under Heaven

2nd year of the reign of the Imam-Emperor Muhanmode 13oth year of the Songid Dynasty 833 Anno Hegirae 11th Baktun 10th Katun 8th Tun   1430 Anno Domini 阿拉的天下 Prayer beads clicked between the fingers of Song Muhanmode ben Mahdi, Emperor of China and Imam of All Islam. “Does the letter … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

Doing research for Charming Lies, I asked this question on Tumblr: “What are the limitations of the golden rule?” I got some very interesting answers. Matthew Sheean said: It’s worth noting that this is not simply a matter of religion, but also … Continue reading

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54 Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance with Jamie Wyman

I’m talking again with Jamie Wyman, author of Wild Card and the sequel Unveiled, whose publication she is currently funding through a Kickstarter campaign. So much fame and fortune Our agent, Jennie Goloboy A shelf next to Jim Butcher How can I say that it’s not what … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 7

First Previous Saria did her best to project austere serenity as she followed Martus down the spiral staircase to the Keep’s dungeons. “And how is the Marquis?” The Krypterion asked “The last I heard, a gravity shift in his estate … Continue reading

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The Diplomatic War

Last week I thought about some Alternate History scenarios that might get China to discover America before Europe gets a chance. I did not stop thinking about it. Step 1) Song Dynasty China fends off the Mongols long enough to … Continue reading

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