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Wheel in the Sky 10

First Previous Saria’s witchlight went out. “Candegar,” she shouted. “We have to get out of here.” “Out of here.” That wasn’t Candegar’s voice. It might not even have been made by human vocal chords. Air brushed over her and Saria remembered … Continue reading

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So this is weird

I found out about my first bad review today. I’m taking it well because it’s about Kingdoms of Evil and I didn’t know what I was doing when I wrote that (and it was like four years ago). No, what’s weird … Continue reading

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Outer Barbarians

First and Previous 化外人 Admiral Feng Aosiman ben Ali massaged the sore skin of his left thigh and squinted past the heaving shoulders of the rowers, past the piles of supplies and trade items, past the prow of the boat to the … Continue reading

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56 Writing Conventions with Jennie Goloboy

  I’ve talked with Jennie before, but this time the subject of our conversation is why she goes to writing conventions (specifically the Dallace-Fort-Worth Con) and how you can expect to approach her when you attend. We also talk about… Red … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 9

First Previous “Traitor!” The material of Martus’ mantle lost its hard edges, became a black cloud that condensed into a ropy column stretching to the ceiling. The limb hoisted the krypterion into the air, where he dangled like a hanged man, … Continue reading

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Planet Zarmina

“At first glance, Zarmina looked like it was already inhabited, with crystal glittering on the light side and illuminated highways on the dark. Huge flat shapes swung through the planet’s atmosphere like cargo planes. The fields marched with coordinated waves … Continue reading

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The Fleet of the Great Hajj

First and Previous 大朝觐船队 “Holy Brilliance,” said Admiral Feng Aosiman ben Ali, “it is only my devotion to God, who calls suicide a sin, and to His Emperor Under Heaven that I do not kill myself in atonement for my incompetence.” “So,” … Continue reading

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My Writing Process

So there’s this pyramid-scheme writing thing going around called  the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. The way it works is you get tagged by somebody, you answer four questions (see below) and you pass on the infection to three more people. I … Continue reading

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55 Atmosphere with Carrie Patel

  I’m talking again with Carrie Patel about her book, the Buried Life, out in July and August from Angry robot books. We talk about atmosphere And also… Carrie’s job at Obsidian Entertainment working on Pillars of Eternity Working with a group “The way you describe a scene…all … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 8

First Previous The blade moved. With a flex of his iron spine, Voidcleaver hurled himself away from Saria’s chest, sliced through her concealing mantle and writhed into Candegar’s grip. His fingers closed around the hilt and found their familiar grooves. A … Continue reading

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